WTF Is Up With Twitter Flirting?

Categories: Advice

Got sexy problems? In this, Naked City's newest feature, I will attempt to help readers figure out matters of the heart and loins such that they might copulate without confusion. Today, we take up the issue of twitter flirting (twirting?) in an effort to help a local lass understand the motivations of her gentleman caller and how she should, in turn, respond (if at all). Questions and answers, after the jump.

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My Two Moms

Categories: Commentary, dating

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I asked my friend Eric to write about growing up with a queer primary care giver. Note: I have met very few straight dudes as "at ease" in groups of women as he is. And he can cook, you guys.

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The Hazards of Dating While Transgender

My friend Micah Wood is braver just by being who he was born than most people I know, and he was kind enough to write about his experiences as a trans man in New York City.

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DIY Ways To Do It Yourself

Categories: DIY, Toys

Nothing bothers me more than unhinged capitalism. I hate being sold something I can easily make myself. I hate giving money to some shitty corporation when I don't have to. It's because I'm punk rock. And cheap. Yesterday at Petsmart I almost had a Falling Down breaking-point moment (seriously, why is dog toothpaste 10 times more expensive than people toothpaste? This will not stand!). In that spirit, here are some DIY sex toys.

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You Can Teach An Old Sub New Tricks

Categories: Hook-up Stories
What do you do when you've hit a wall in your relationship but you want things to work out very badly? Naked City's latest contributor "China Boy" decided a little honesty was all he and his lady friend needed in order to keep moving forward. Luckily for you, reader, this honesty lead to a hot BDSM scene which might titillate you very much to read about. He also wants me to be sure to tell you that he was still hard when he wrote this yesterday afternoon. China Boy's lady gets her groove back, after the jump.
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A Mardi Gras Cock Block, Presented Without (Much) Commentary

Categories: Hook-up Stories
The following story comes courtesy of someone who was a few years behind me in college and recently emailed to get back in touch. Apparently, he's grown into quite the ladies' man. I don't much like his attitude towards women, but it's seasonally appropriate, so there's that. Maybe the main takeaway from this is "do not have sexual relations with young men who've recently graduated from Columbia and are now engaged in trying to cock-block each other at Mardi Gras." Enjoy.
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Casual Encounters: Excellent Picture Edition

Categories: Craigslist
You might not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can certainly get a pretty good idea of whether you'd casually fuck someone by looking at them. The following is a collection of recently posted casual encounters whose visuals I find particularly arresting. From a cute tranny hooker, to some explicit dick pics, to a bona fide glory hole, to a cute Swiss visitor who just wants to "have a fun," they make up quite the photogenic bunch. Naked City gets even more NSFW than usual, after the jump.More »

Exclusive: NYC Alt-Model Travels To Phoenix, Flashes John McCain

Categories: Models


NYC-based grad student and alt-model Mitska recently travelled to Phoenix, Arizona to shoot a photoset for submission to and attend the Hell City Tattoo Convention. But while posing for some nice pictures in the window of her hotel room, she got an unexpected visit from hotel security. She wrote into Naked City to share her story, as well as a few of the resulting photos. Enjoy! --JP

Everything is set and in order to fly out to Arizona, meet with one of the Suicide Girls staff photographers, Alissa Brunelli, shoot a photo set, and join in on the Hell City Tattoo Convention fun. When I get to the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in the late evening, I call Alissa to see when I should be ready to rock. She suggests we do it in the morning, which is great, since I'm already unpacked and have nothing else to do.

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Ladies Of Xray Eyeballs/Golden Triangle Get Semi-Nude, Practice Voodoo In Spooky New Video

Categories: Video

Alix Brown might just be Brooklyn's patron saint of sideboob. In addition to providing rollicking bass lines for garage-psych institution Golden Triangle, she can pull off a cut-out adorned romper like nobody's business. This can be credited just as much to her rockstar attitude as to her (considerable) hotness. Hence, you can imagine my excitement when guitarist O.J. San Felipe showed me the video for new Xray Eyeballs song "Crystal," in which Brown and Xray Eyeballs bassist Carly Rabalais cavort in a bubble bath while inflicting all kinds of punishment on poor O.J. If you squint, you can see nipples! The song's good, too.
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"I Don't Hate Women, I'm Just Optimistic!" Crows NYT-Employed Concern Troll

Categories: Commentary
Sometimes I read an op-ed piece about how us women should stop being such dirty sluts if we want to "be happy" (i.e. get married) and think, "surely this person is trolling for outraged feminists' pageviews in a most unseemly, Gavin McInnes-like fashion. I shan't encourage this behavior by feeding said troll with my angry attentions." But what do you do when the troll is legitimized by a publication with enough eyeballs and influence that he might actually be able to hurt people? A publication like, say, I don't know, The New York fucking Times? You fire back hard, is what you do, so I've brought out the big guns today in the form of guest blogger Julie Lauren Vick. She will now deign to explain why Ross Douthat is an incorrect, disingenuous, self-righteous, windbag prude unfit for employment by anyone, let alone the Paper of Record. --JPMore »

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