Comedian Couple Writes Sexy Sex Manual

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Kristen Schaal and Rich Blomquist both work at The Daily Show. They also date each other and have lots of awesome sex together. If that doesn't qualify them to write a silly/funny sex manual, I don't know what does. I cannot vouch as to the quality of the book yet (a review copy should be coming soon), but judging from this interview with The Frisky, it's bound to inspire at least a few chuckles. Behold:

"Were you fans of the Joy of Sex? And how do you think your book differs from that '70s classic?

Rich: Ours has lots of pictures and colors and though JoS showed hairy werewolves having sex, ours includes not only werewolves, but other aliens and monsters having sex too.

How important is sassy lingerie to a relationship?

Both, pretty much in unison: It's a waste of money!

You guys devote an entire chapter to masturbation. How much is too much?

Kristen: If it stops you from accomplishing simple things.

Rich: When dehydration becomes an issue.

Kristen: If your hand starts to cramp up, give your hand-lover a breather.

Rich: If you look out the window and see new inventions that weren't there when you started masturbating, it's time to stop."

And so on, and so forth. I can't wait to read this book in its entirety. I also sort of want to kidnap them and make them be my new best friends, but only if it wouldn't fuck with their work on The Daily Show. I also enjoy her modest choice of lingerie, and her sexy choice of sex. Everyone knows that's the best kind. Also, humor is always a good idea in the sack, because sometimes that shit goes way wrong and you need to make a joke about it. I bet they're both really good at that. Sex!

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