Strippers Shovel Snow In Times Square

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Andy Kropa

As everyone who doesn't live on E 79th St knows by now, Mayor Bloomberg sucks at removing snow. While some decided to make the most of it the last time around, not everyone has time to stay home from work and diddle, least of all the ladies of Cheetahs Gentleman's Club and Restaurant. So they took matters into their own hard nipples hands.

According to Dealbreaker, the club even sent out a press release beforehand explaining the sorta-topless strippers' actions:

With the impending 9″ of snow, the Cheetah Club girls to perform their civic duty. The buxom girls vow to see that the nation's cross roads, Times Square, does not come to a standstill. They also promise to have their place of business open and not be crippled by lack of commerce due to mounds of snow and piles of garbage.

For added visibility, they did their topless shoveling outside of NASDAQ (located near their club), giving traders an eyeful as they got off work. 

Now that the government of the City of New York really has officially been outdone by a bunch of painted harlots, will they be shamed into doing a better job the next time around? I wouldn't bet on it. But regardless of whether this miracle comes to pass, everyone should go down to the Cheetah Club now and buy lots of lap dances to thank the strippers for trying. They risked nipple-frostbite in order to help us all.

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