Peta's Latest Rejected Superbowl Ad Features More Of The Same

Categories: Commentary

So Peta has unveiled its latest rejected Superbowl ad, and despite the apparent freshness of the vegetables therein, something about it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. In what seems like  a parody of its previous, sincerely sexual ad, in which women waste food by rubbing their vaginas all over it, young women are pitted against one another by a shady, Uncle Terry-esque figure to see who can waste food in the sexiest manner possible. Animal rights-y!

This might sound strange coming from me, a lover of animals as well as hardcore pornography, but I'm not a huge fan of this ad. Just who do they think they're appealing to? It's common sense that the people most receptive to an animal rights message (women, hippies, and other sensitives) tend to dislike this type of blatant objectification of women, leaving...who? Millions of dude-bros eating buffalo wings and spitting beer into each other's mouths? Call me cynical, but I don't think those bros are going vegan no matter how many nice titties you show them. 

But it's a parody! Well, this arguably makes it worse. Like, "we know you hate our sexxxy ads, and rather than incorporate your feedback to convince you to save animals' lives, we are going to rub your face in the fact that we don't give a fuck." Not effective.

I mean, look. Peta has the right to make whatever types of videos it wants. This is America. I fully support the right of all adult humans to participate in as much fucked up, zany, and degrading porn as they please. I even support a woman's right to choose to do things that I might find personally repellent, like participating in scenarios that seem to gratify the man's sexual desires only. This porn is never going to be my cup of tea, and that's fine. It takes all kinds to make a world. 

But if they just want to make softcore porn, they should change their name to People for the Ethical Treatment of Boners and stop pretending they care about animals. If I, a vegan sex blogger, think this ad is gross, I'd venture to guess its message is lost on most people. And that's a shame for all the adorable cows, pigs and chickens PeTA claims to love.

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