Exclusive: NYC Alt-Model Travels To Phoenix, Flashes John McCain

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NYC-based grad student and alt-model Mitska recently travelled to Phoenix, Arizona to shoot a photoset for submission to SuicideGirls.com and attend the Hell City Tattoo Convention. But while posing for some nice pictures in the window of her hotel room, she got an unexpected visit from hotel security. She wrote into Naked City to share her story, as well as a few of the resulting photos. Enjoy! --JP

Everything is set and in order to fly out to Arizona, meet with one of the Suicide Girls staff photographers, Alissa Brunelli, shoot a photo set, and join in on the Hell City Tattoo Convention fun. When I get to the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in the late evening, I call Alissa to see when I should be ready to rock. She suggests we do it in the morning, which is great, since I'm already unpacked and have nothing else to do.

So I decide to take a tour of the hotel and make my way to the gift shop. After all, this is my first time in Phoenix. Along the way, I notice that this hotel has a history. The hotel was built in 1929, Frank Lloyd Wright served as the consulting architect, and it's named "The Jewel of the Desert." So many famous and powerful people have stayed here, from Marilyn Monroe to Presidents and Senators. Who knew!?

The following morning, I rise and shine. It's the big day - gotta make it count! I eat breakfast and then it's time to start getting ready for the shoot. Can't decide what to wear, how I should do my make-up...and, to top it off, now I'm getting nervous. Even though we've already worked out the details for the set, I wonder if we'll accomplish what we set out to create. So, it's go-time and I'm ready as I'll ever be. Alissa and SG Sunshine walk in and they're ready to kick some ass and take some names.

A few last minute adjustments, and we start shooting by the window of the hotel room.  The theme: girl next door studying too hard for an organic chemistry exam. The twist: she's getting naked. Now that's what I call a study break!  (Fun Fact about the photoset: I traveled almost 2,500 miles with 30 pounds of textbooks for the shoot!) 


As the shutter closes on the last picture of the day, there's a knock at the door. It's hotel security threatening to kick me out of the hotel and press charges. I think it's a joke at first, but they're not kidding. We try reasoning with them; we weren't outside on the grounds of the hotel - we were in the privacy of my hotel room. No luck. I had to pack up everything in five minutes and head for the door.  

While I race to gather my belongings, Alissa and Sunshine try to work it out with security again. What an ordeal! I traveled from New York to Arizona, only to get kicked out of a hotel and then incarcerated. After about 30 minutes of pleading with them, the hotel manager finally allows me to stay in the room without causing any more commotion, which means no nudity anywhere. I almost ask if that means I can't shower, but I bite my tongue. Super, fandango! 

So I unpack everything again, and then head over to the tattoo convention. Alissa runs over to me and says, "You'll never guess who was at the hotel this morning!"  It turns out Republican Senator John McCain is in town and staying at the Arizona Biltmore, of course. I have a sudden realization that the whole showdown between a couple of hotties and hotel security was because McCain caught a glimpse of my bare butt and boobs in the window - and I'm sure what he saw was the highlight of his day!  Now that's patriotism!  By the way, the set came out fantastic. Here's to you, John! 


You can view the whole photoset for a nominal fee at SuicideGirls.com, if you are so inclined.

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