Ladies Of Xray Eyeballs/Golden Triangle Get Semi-Nude, Practice Voodoo In Spooky New Video

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Alix Brown might just be Brooklyn's patron saint of sideboob. In addition to providing rollicking bass lines for garage-psych institution Golden Triangle, she can pull off a cut-out adorned romper like nobody's business. This can be credited just as much to her rockstar attitude as to her (considerable) hotness. Hence, you can imagine my excitement when guitarist O.J. San Felipe showed me the video for new Xray Eyeballs song "Crystal," in which Brown and Xray Eyeballs bassist Carly Rabalais cavort in a bubble bath while inflicting all kinds of punishment on poor O.J. If you squint, you can see nipples! The song's good, too.

And how is the public receiving it? A quick survey of Brooklyn Vegan comments reveals such thoughtful sentiments as, "Yeah and then we'll have a bathtub scene but we'll fill the tub with bubble bath so we'll really only have to show, like 1/4 of a boob each to get people to talk about it. The voudou doll idea isn't terrible but the NSFW element here is waaaaaaay gratuitous and lame," and, "yeah its totally cool for women to degrade and whore themselves out to sell records - its so bohemian! its so feminist! brunch-step!" Internet-troll-speak for "these beautiful and talented young people have made a wonderful video," to be sure. 

On the reals, though, it's nice to see some women on the New York music scene who are comfortable enough with their bodies and sexuality to make them a part of their art. I love this scene with all my heart, but it can be a weirdly conservative place where women and sex are concerned, like acknowledging the pleasure of looking and being looked at makes you "lamestream" or somehow less of a musician (I'm looking at you, Hipster Runoff. It's all a big joke, until it's not.) It's almost like they've forgotten that rock and roll was first popularized by angsty, hormonal teenagers who hated their parents and wanted nothing more than to finger each other in the backseats of classic cars. This prudishness is not something people talk about in so many words, and it's by no means a majority opinion, but you can see it creeping in sometimes in certain disapproving glares at shows and asshole remarks on blogs. 

I commend the members of this band for ignoring the jerks and doing exactly as they please. If it's not rock and roll to do voodoo on someone while naked in a bathtub, I'm not sure what is. I tip my sideboob to you, Xray Eyeballs. May you film many more sexy, fun music videos that'll make people want to party and touch each other in the years to come. 

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