Casual Encounters: Excellent Picture Edition

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You might not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can certainly get a pretty good idea of whether you'd casually fuck someone by looking at them. The following is a collection of recently posted casual encounters whose visuals I find particularly arresting. From a cute tranny hooker, to some explicit dick pics, to a bona fide glory hole, to a cute Swiss visitor who just wants to "have a fun," they make up quite the photogenic bunch. Naked City gets even more NSFW than usual, after the jump.More »

Are "Never-Nudes" An Actual, Real Thing?

Categories: Craigslist
There's an ad currently up on L.A. Craigslist that purports to be seeking "Never-Nudes" for the new TLC reality series My Strange Addiction. You know, like Tobias Funke on Arrested Development. Is this a real addiction, or even a real ad, for that matter? Let's investigate.More »

Casual Encounters: Goddess Edition

Categories: Craigslist
All Charlie Sheen's talk of his live-in pornstar "goddesses" has made some people go "aww" and others go "huh"? Regardless of how much credence you give him, you should at least know that this is not an original way to describe someone you're horny for. It's common language in prostitute/hook-up ads the world over, to the point where it has basically become meaningless. Craigslist "gods" and "goddesses" ranging from BBWs to lactation fetishists to cuckholds, after the jump.More »

Are You His Prince Mandigo?

Categories: Craigslist
Who is "Prince Mandigo" and what is he like? A Google search was inconclusive, but I'm guessing it's some nerdy sci-fi shit. If you are also into nerdy sci-fi shit, as well as BDSM, fucking chubby asses, and going to Columbia, you're in luck. The Conversio Virium member you've been longing to meet, after the jump.More »

Gang Bang Your Way To Racial Progress

Categories: Craigslist
This ad is a curious one. It begins by saying it purposefully miscategorized itself as w4m because it's looking for guys commited to something long term. Only instead of a boring, heterosexual relashe, this ad is for a long-term interracial gang bang. "The stretching out of white pussy is our way of bringing about social change, diversity, and racial justice." Read all about this group of confused Sarah Lawrence grads, after the jump.

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Let's Hear It For The Average!

Categories: Craigslist
In the ambitous mind of a certain type of New Yorker (the type, say, who is bold enough to post on Craigslist), "average" is not usually a desirable word. It seems each woman fancies her vagina to be the hottest and wettest on the planet, while each man has a cock big enough to block the sun. It made me smile, therefore, when I came across two listings seeking just that: someone "average" in looks, but freakier in the sack than one hundred beautiful, boring Barbies put together. Maybe they will even get together. Two people who are neither too hot nor too ugly and proud of it, after the jump. More »

A Pretty Good Argument For Gay Marriage

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There are many people out there who don't think marriage equality is a matter of life and death, and therefore should be fair game to get cast aside as a bargaining chip to achieve "more important" goals. They are wrong! As long as the government witholds the right to marry, adopt, etc. from a group of its citizens, there will be tons of kids who think it's okay to beat up the gay kids in their schools. (Dan Savage put it fairly eloquently in one of his columns.) Furthermore, self hatred will occasionally turn inward, leading to increased suicide rates and Craigslist ads like this one (after the jump). I'm glad this fellow is working through his issues in a healthy way through fetish play, but I'm somewhat concerned about where these feelings came from in the first place. Am I just being a pearl-clutcher here? Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments.More »

Would You Trade Sex For Some Sick New Body Art?

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Hey, sexy Bronx ladies! Want a cute butterfly tat on your lower back but don't have the scratch for it? This "mixed Spanish," "pretty good looking" tattoo artist is here to help. All he asks for in return is a little help from you. Help ejaculating. Oh, and no fatties! The not-at-all disgusting offer, after the jump.
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Casual Encounters: Vagina Day Edition

Categories: Craigslist
It's the day after Valentine's Day. Did you get everything you wanted? If you have any good stories of ecstasy/disaster, I hope you will tell the whole class. But in the meantime, you can grab yourself some deeply discounted chocolates and read these excellent casual encounters ads. Maybe you'll see something you like even more than whatever you did last night. Maybe you'll make someone's V-Day dreams come true yet. Maybe you'll feel better about yourself by comparison. These are all appropriate uses for these round-ups.More »

Phantom Of The Opera Fan Seeks Same

Categories: Craigslist
You know what gets my primitive lady juices flowing? A guy who knows his Andrew Lloyd Webber. J/k, it does not. Not even my gay friends like Andrew Lloyd Webber. But hopefully for this guy, there's some woman out there just aching to have musicals quoted to her as she's paddled and prodded towards ecstasy. It also makes me wonder if Phantom had a secret BDSM sub-plot, or if this guy is just really into musicals. The probably sincere ad, after the jump.More »

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