Kimmel Still Fucking Affleck. . . Matt's Getting Jealous

Not since Justin and Britney had that dance-off has there been such a playful competition as Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman's now immortal dueling videos of romantic spite. Earlier this week, Kimmel's "I’m Fucking Ben Affleck" provided a saucy reply to Silverman's "I’m Fuckin’ Matt Damon" and got way over two million YouTube clicks in the process. Not to make this into even MORE of a contest, but I feel it's even funnier than Sarah's clip, with hilariously deadpan setups leading to that surreal "We Are The World"-style finish with Don Cheadle, Robin Williams, and Cameron Diaz all wailing the title refrain. (And even Josh Groban! That earnest-eyed moppet has a sense of humor?) The two videos prove beyond a doubt that Matt and Ben have always had a great attitude about the fact that everyone wants them to be gay: They obediently act like they are! And you can't argue with Ben's logic: Jimmy has much bigger tits than Sarah. Since you probably haven't watched the vids in about 20 minutes, I've dutifully posted them both for your sardonic re-enjoyment. And now I'm off to fuck Ruby Dee.

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