Winona Ryder Insists on Showing Her Puppies!

Categories: Celebs, Film, Naked

The ever adorable Winona Ryder stole on the set of the upcoming Sex and Death 101—everyone's hearts, that is! Through nudity! (Awww.) According to writer/director Daniel Waters, "Even I was a little shocked when Winona insisted on rehearsing her love scene topless. Who was I to protest?. . .Winona was classically undisturbed, making Mrs Roper-like cracks about how she hadn't been on a date for 11 months. Laughing at the wit of a beautiful, charming, and unclothed actress while maintaining eye contact is something they don't teach you at Project Greenlight. I thought I was going to have to pass out neck braces to the crew." A straight crew? What kind of a sick movie IS this? In any case, someone should BUY Winona something to wear already! At Marc Jacobs!

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