Could Barbra and Brolin Play a Married Couple? They Already Do!

Categories: Film

Barbra Streisand and Jim Brolin have outpaced all the naysayers and made their union last like butter. But shouldn't they act together already—I mean onscreen? Couldn't they emerge as a thesping team to equal the Lunts and the Burtons or at the very least the Afflecks? That's the dream of writer/director Gary Legault, whom I just caught up with at the New York Underground Film Festival, where he was premiering his East of the Tar Pits, starring Holly Woodlawn as a down-on-her-luck performer who's obsessed with Babs and goes on a pilgrimage to the superstar's old Malibu ranch. Legault told me he's written a script for the Streisands—I mean the Brolins—in which they would play a middle-aged married couple going through a rough patch, only to have their son suggest they go on a date and recapture the love that first drew them together. He's sent it to one of Barbra's three secretaries and I just know they'll find it a better idea than her other options—Meet The Fockers Again, Funny Middle-Aged Woman, and The Way We Were A Really Long Time Ago.

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