Naked Heston Photo at Last! Get 'Hur'!

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Remember when I wrote that I remembered some kind of shot of Charlton Heston naked—when he was alive, that is? Well, a dear friend, Times-Picayune writer David Cuthbert, unearthed the photo (from a book called Hollywood Life) and nicely sent me a xerox of it, so I'm throwing it up for you without a second's delay. Contrary to my delusional memory, Charlton isn't completely nude, but judging from that rocket in the towel, he might as well be! Hubba hubba.

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What a beautiful man--thank you for that pic!!!


We ran this photo in "Coast" magazine when a book came out containing same.  And this man would play Moses and join the NRA, meeting Michael Moore and walking out of an interview on the most current shootings. " cold, cold hands."  But wait, before anyone condemns the man, let it be said that he insisted on having Orson Welles direct him in that fine film noir, "Touch of Evil."