Formerly Gay Porn Star Ready For One More Closeup

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Usually I scream bloody murder when a gay man marries a woman, but when Jack Wrangler hooked up with Margaret Whiting all those years ago, I thought, "Well, maybe." She was 55, he was 33. She was a classic, old-style singer, he was a once-raunchy porn star. She was a woman, he was a gay. But they both liked showtunes! And when Wrangler told her he was gay, Whiting's response was "only around the edges, dear."

They've been wed since '79, which is even longer than the Travoltas. And now, Jack gets the full-blown documentary treatment with Wrangler: Anatomy of An Icon, which is coming to the gay movie festival, Newfest. (

Says the press material: "Although he started as a child actor, Jack Wrangler was one of the first and biggest gay porn stars of the 1970s, appearing in over 85 films. By the 1980s he had begun to appear in straight porn, apparently having his first experience with a woman on screen.

"In 1976, Wrangler met 1940s singer Margaret Whiting, inviting her to one of his one-man 'performances' in New York. Drawn to the glamorous star, a relationship ensued...

"This engrossing documentary from director Jeffrey Schwarz also features appearances by Christine Ebersole, Bruce Vilanch, Chi Chi La Rue, Michael Musto, and many others."

Little old me? Yep, and I can't wait to see it to find out what I said!

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