No More Gray Pussy Hair! The World is Safe Again!

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Ever get someone home and find that their pubes don't match their noggin? And, even more shockingly, that the disparity is because they're not gray on top, but they are "down there"?

Well, there's finally something to do about that horrifying situation. You simply pull out some bettybeauty products and dye the vaginal or scrotal hair (after picking out the crabs, of course) and then if it STILL doesn't match their head tresses, just give up and send them out the door, where maybe they can meet somebody either less demanding or completely colorblind. Here's the official info on this shit:

"With baby boomers now in their 40s and older, the number of people with gray hair is higher than ever. In fact, by 2010, 1/3 of the population will be 50 or older. That's a lot of gray hair. But gray hair isn't just confined to our heads; our body hair loses its pigment as we age, too. That includes the hair everywhere, even "down there." You may have already heard of bettybeauty color for the hair down there?, and if so, you may have had a good chuckle at first. But bettybeauty is helping men and women across the country gain confidence in the face of this traumatic consequence of aging. With BLONDE betty, BROWN betty, AUBURN betty, and BLACK betty, it's a cinch to look young again everywhere!"

Yeah-even your butthairs! Just call me Apple Brown Betty!

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