An Embarrassment of Bitches: Faye Dunaway on YouTube

Faye Dunaway is a great movie star renowned for her flowing tresses and flaring nostrils. She won the Oscar for playing a voracious TV virago in Network and was nominated for sultrily killing people in Bonnie and Clyde and for rivetingly glamorizing incest in the noirish Chinatown. Those are her iconic roles, but there's so much more to feisty Faye. Just recently, I put up a clip of Faye playing aging sexpot Mae West in some obscure movie or other, a scene unearthed and posted on YouTube by one Todd Carpenter. Well, Todd was so tickled to see that I'd highlighted his link that he sent me a whole other slew of Faye film and TV nuggets--a veritable parade of scheming attitude and great styling. There's everything here from Faye as a witchy Evita Peron to her appropriately naughty Wicked Lady to her business tycoon with HIV in Lina Wertmuller's As Long As It's Love. Deservedly obscure, you say? Nah! Nothing with Faye deserves to be Dunaway with. Check them out and gag.

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