Hot Designer Wears Nada! (NSFW--Unless You Work in a Bordello)


Up-and-coming designers Nico and Adrian are known for bringing a party spirit to fashion, applying lots of colorful fabrics and headdresses to sexy male and female forms. But it turns out that Nico himself--aka Brazilian stud Nicolas Urquiza--seems more comfortable wearing just flesh tones. I happened to find the guy on (oh hush, I've got nothing but free time), shoving his uncut penis and hairy butt into more than one camera. I was enchanted by his minimal style and maximal charisma. He says he's 38 years old on that site, though somehow on Myspace he's 32--but whatever the case, he's always about an eight and a half. And based on these caliente photos, I would wear anything this guy sold me at any price!

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