"Shitty Faggot"-A-Go-Go

Who needs homophobes when you've got Sophia Lamar screeching from within about what's wrong with the gay community? Sophia, a transsexual goddess and scene queen, has made it her shtick to scowl, dis, and fight like the dickens against gay banality--but in the most adorable way possible, I swear--so it makes perfect sense that she's now applied her cup of "Hateorade" to a swingin' dance beat. Jonny McGovern and Adam Joseph have turned her grudge list into a bitch track available on masterbeat.com, and there's the attached YouTube video as well, all just in time for the grinch to steal Christmas.

"You wax your asshole!" moans Lamar, with a molasses-thick Hispanic accent. "You're so tanned, you're orange!" she adds, fuming through her nostrils. It's enough to make you hate overdone, underintellectualized queers! But how did Zac Efron and Jared Leto sneak into this video?

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