Who Should Be In The Gilligan's Island Movie?

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gilligans_island-show.jpgLet's play casting director (and after that, let's play strip poker, if we still have time). See, the inevitable movie version of the '60s shit-com Gilligan's Island has been announced, and now the gloves are off and everyone's guessing who should go on the three-hour tour (which more likely will be about an hour and 45 minutes, plus a sequel). Here are my top choices in my TV Land dream of dreams:

Gilligan: Johnny Depp. The part is certainly creepy enough for him.

Ginger: Jessica Alba. Looks good in beachwear and can coo with the best of them.

Mary Anne: Anne Hathaway. She needs to go back to playing nice people like this.

The Howells: Tom Wilkinson and Helen Mirren. Not that these roles require Academy award mojo, but still.

The Professor: George Clooney. He could teach them all a thing or two.

The Skipper: Who cares?

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