Gay Man Entrapped For Prostitution, Then Taught How To Be A Whore!

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You've surely heard about how cops are cracking down on gay video places by trying to entrap male patrons into acts of prostitution. The undercover cop will solicit sex with an older man and even offer him money. The man says no to the dough, but they charge him with prostitution anyway! Anything to close down a gay sex place!

I just went to a Sheridan Square rally against this practice and talked to Robert Pinter, a massage therapist for Housing Works who says this all happened to him, so he spoke up and started the outraged ball rolling. Pinter told me he left Blue Store with a guy, planning to have sex in a car. Out of nowhere, the guy said he'd give Pinter $50. Pinter says he was surprised and didn't answer. A few seconds later, handcuffs!

After spending a day in jail, Pinter decided his best way out of this mess was to plead guilty to disorderly conduct. As a result, he had to attend five sex-ed classes at the Midtown Community Court. "One of them," he told me, "was How To Be a Better Sex Worker! They taught us things like 'Don't wear high heels, so you can run away faster' and 'If you're giving a blowjob to someone with dirty genitals, put Vicks VapoRub in your nostrils to mask the smell'!" So they wrongly accuse you of being a prostie, then teach you how to be a better one? Curiouser and curiouser.

Meanwhile, the crackdown on the rebellion against the crackdown has already begun. A volunteer at the rally told me that the second he put up a poster promoting the event, he was slapped with a $75 fine! He'll now proably have to attend a class on How To Be a Better Pamphleteer.

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