Porn Star Removes Penis Hairs!


I generally don't run p.r. pitches, but this one was too delicious not to grab with bare hands and pass on to you folks. It's about a laser hair remover's offbeat encounters with celebrities, most notably a porn star who wanted his noodle to be as hairless as a chihuahaua's (but much bigger). Here goes:

"Jaws dropped when a clothed, musclebound, 6' 3" bisexual erotic entertainer and porn star, Zeb Atlas, who just finished his first gay porn film, walked into 'Phoenix Rising Laser' for his laser session. Behind closed doors, the hunk stripped down to his birthday suit for 'Doctor' (Paul) Morgan and told him he wanted any hair removed from the shaft of his penis, so that cameras could catch him in all his full-length nine-and-a- half-inch glory. Zeb asked the 'cool as a cucumber' Morgan, 'Do you want me to get a boner so that you can zap each hair?' Morgan, who has seen it all, lay Zeb down on the table and got down to business (no cameras this time). Morgan's results were picture perfect and Zeb's fans are incredibly happy with the results!"

Oh, goodie! There's nothing worse than a hairy penis!!

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