The Really Real Slim Shady

Remember Eminem? He was that brilliant white rapper--and, amazingly, Oscar winner--with an unfortunate taste for hating on the gays and his mother. Well, for years a gussied-up group called Dalipstyxx fought back with a spoof song called "I Wish I Was Eminem" ("He dresses in drag/No one calls HIM a fag") that gently reamed him and his fans a new asshole. And now I have the fabulous new video for the tune by a tart trio called DMG Posse (which is basically Dalipstyxx, but reapplied). If the blonde looks a little familiar, it's because he's the guy who did that wicked homage to Aretha Franklin in her fancy hat and shit. And he directed this too. Enjoy--and be nice to your mothers!

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