Ever Meet a Real Bisexual?

Everyone always says they're bisexual, blabbing on and on about how "sexuality is fluid, and I don't really like labels"--but usually I find these are just gay men who are afraid to come out. I know there are real bisexuals out there--mainly because I've heard that there are--and I do
think it's a lovely idea to actually crave sex with people regardless of gender. I'm just wondering how real a phenomenon this is, as opposed to a smoke-and-mirrors coverup designed to keep antsy gays in the closet.

Most of the guys I know who say they're bisexual end up doing Bette Davis impersonations after a few drinks, and when you invite them to an all-girl bar, they get excited, thinking you mean Splash. But do you know anyone who REALLY is equally attracted to both men and women and effortlessly glides between those two dating pools without a second's thought or self-consciousness? If so, do you ever suspect they're full of shit?

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It seems no one deigned to comment on this. Hopefully because even in 2009 it seemed pretty ridiculous. The idea - even comically used, as I hope it was - that Bette Davis impersonations somehow seals off their ability to be attracted to women undermines this post's ability to be taken even remotely seriously. I know bisexuals, and I know bisexuals who have started to identify only as gay because of pressure from within the community with which they were trying to engage. 

So, you may know bis who were really gays in training, or maybe you're self-fulfilling your own prophecy: treat bisexuality as a joke, and those who are able, will hide it and choose monosexuality to avoid being prominently mocked by someone on the Village Voice.