Janeane Garofalo Explains Teabagging to Kristin Chenoweth

On the Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius OutQ yesterday, perky Kristin Chenoweth was joined by the more worldly Janeane Garofalo, who told the Broadway/TV star exactly what teabagging is. Well, DeCaro explained the more popular usage--"It's when you put your balls in someone's mouth"--while Garofalo filled her in on the teabagging protest against the White House by "literally tens of people."

JG: But [the protest] has nothing to do with anything factual, it has everything to do with their distaste for the black man in the White House.

KC: That is so ugly.

JG: I hear after the tea bag, there was a lot of balls...a lot of dance, I'm sorry, a lot of dance dances.
KC: I was going to say a lot of tennis balls?

KC: I'm never going to be able to have a thing of tea again, I'm so upset. I can't. Thanks a lot, Janeane.
JG: I'm going to have my assistant tea bag you! I actually don't have an assistant, I get my own tea, and when I get tea-bagged it's by ladies and fellas I'm not working with...
KC: You see why I love her?

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