Dom DeLuise: Gay?

I was so Carrie Prejean-ed out last week that I neglected to note the sad passing of Dom DeLuise, the portly and gifted comic actor who elevated such films as Cannonball Run, Smoky and the Bandit II, and Fatso, along with a whole bunch of those boozy Dean Martin roasts of people who obviously planned to die while screaming with laughter in closeup.

Dom was a campy riot who stole Haunted Honeymoon in full drag, and even in men's clothes he rang more gaydar bells than a boy bander with a plus-sized girlfriend. "But Dom was married with children!" you exclaim, fuming. Yeah, and so were...I don't know, a lot of people. That doesn't always mean all that much. Sometimes they're gay but just wanted to find some refuge in that kind of family. Sometimes they're bi. Sometimes they're deeply closeted.

But to me, Dom DeLuise always screamed gay gay gay! Anyone else?

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You are truly a piece of shit Musto. 

How the fuck do you know what Mr. DeLuise's sexual identity was? Your comments about the man after his passing are not only catty, but out of line as well.


About twenty years ago, a fellow I worked with told a story about his early years as a lighting tech for a hair-metal band.  All of them had moved to Los Angeles to be part of the scene, which included (if not consisted entirely of) heavy partying.

After one or another epic parties, this guy decided to catch a bus back to the place they all rented.  However, it was early morning and no buses were running.  A Mercedes pulled up and offered him a ride.  Clouded, he accepted.  After climbing inside, he discovered that the vehicle was in the service of Mr. DeLuise.  

This fellow didn't think much of it when Dom DeLuise insisted that he wear his seatbelt.  Starstruck and confused, he didn't respond when DeLuise reached around and began to buckle it for him.  However, when Captain Chaos grabbed this fellow's package in the process, the guy bailed from the moving car.  The car stopped and Dom DeLuise attempted to coax him back inside.  At this point, the fellow thanked Dom for the ride and began running, to put distance between himself and the Mercedes.

Apocryphal?  True?  I can't confirm it.  I worked with the guy for years and I tend to believe him, but I only have his word.