Fuck You, Bastard Life


Neal Boulton, who does Bastard Life--a site I'd never heard of--contacted me some time ago to gush like crazy and say he wanted me in his Showtime show (though a Page Six item later said he was actually doing a reel to "shop to networks"). We set up a time for him to come over and interview me, but I sat in my house for ages and the crew, which fell behind schedule, never came. That night, I called the production person in charge, and after he put me on hold for literally three minutes, he came back to say he'd call me to reschedule for two days later. He never did.

Boulton blamed the bad scheduling on the amateurishness of the crew and assured me he'd contact me in two weeks, when they were starting again with all new people. He never did.

Anyone think these people put the "tard" in Bastard?

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