How Will Your Sex Life Change If There's An AIDS Vaccine?

There's been some forward motion in the search for a vaccine to prevent infection with HIV, inspiringly enough. So let's jump ahead and say there WILL be such an injection and everyone on earth who needs it will get shot up with it--a gloriously happy day worth getting dressed up for.

How would that change your sexual landscape? Whether you have HIV or not, will the fact that the populace will be protected from further infection alter what happens behind your beautifully designed closed doors?

Will you suddenly jump on anything that moves, no longer burdened by fear or self consciousness?

Did you ALWAYS jump on anything that moves?

Would you start going all the way with absolutely everyone, convinced that the worst thing that could happen now is a sore on your lip or some head lice?

Or will everything stay the same, in haunting memory of the past?

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