Whatever Happened To The Club Kids?

God, how I miss the club kids--those late '80s/early '90s pleasure seekers who ran around night haunts dressed like plushies and working your nerves until entering a K-hole and standing still for four days.

I know what happened to SOME of these kids, of course: Michael Alig is in jail, James St. James works for World of Wonder, Desi Monster promotes parties, Jenny Talia works with a girls' organization, and Clara the Carefree Chicken and Lahoma are in publishing. (And not all of those people were on drugs, mind you. They just seemed like it.)

But where are the immortal...

Sacred Boy


Sebastian Jr.

Julius Teaser

Oliver Twisted

Mop and Glo

Marlon De La Ungaro

Really Denise

Andra X

And all the other lovable kooks? Anyone have dish on them--or at least some memories that can be reprinted in a deeply tasteful family outlet such as this, cough cough?

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Larry Tee, one of the infamous DJs in the scene in the 90s and original club kid lives in London, has been clean for many years and runs a weekly party called Super Electric Party Machine at East Bloc. It's such a fun night and he's introducing London and the world a whole new generation of club kids from many different countries.