Elton John Had Three-Way Gay Sex The Week of His Wedding To a Woman!

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That's just one of the revelations in Mark Bego's book "THE BITCH IS BACK: ELTON JOHN," which is described as "the most complete and
up-to-date look at the complex, sex, drug, and liquor-filled life."

Learn about:

--How Elton lied to the press about his marriage to Renate, and knew it was a mistake immediately

--Duncan Faure of The Bay City Rollers discussing Elton's attempts to seduce him

--Elton's ridiculous attempts at suicide, as a desperate cry for help, when he was struggling with his sexuality

--The back story of Elton's live-in manager, and how they were secretly lovers, while publicly claiming that they just had a professional relationship

And I can only presume the book also includes the fact that this messy but lovable man also happens to be a musical genius, thank you!

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