Why Michael Jackson Never Married Liz Taylor

So I'm finally through with Mackenzie Phillips's book, which got a little dull when she cleaned up, and I'm now on to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's The Michael Jackson Tapes, in which the self-promoting spiritual authority lays out his transcribed 2000-2001 conversations with the noseless king of pop.

In it, Jacko freely discusses the high points of his love life, like how Brooke Shields tried to get intimate with him once, but he didn't go for it--wonder why. Another tragic near-miss is that he never dated Liz Taylor and as a result never got to be one of her thousands of husbands.

As Michael says in the book, "I know that if we ever did anything romantically, the press would be so mean and nasty and call us 'the Odd Couple'. It would turn into a circus and that's the pain of it all. You know, I push her in a wheelchair sometimes when she can't walk. It's none of their business what we have together. I have to be with people like me."

"People like me?" Well, I am going to rise above for a change and totally avoid the "two white women" thought that's totally crossing my mind.

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" like how Brooke Shields tried to get intimate with him once, but he didn't go for it--wonder why."

You don't have to wonder.

MJ was raised as and was a devout Jehova Witness until 1987. 

JWs are not even supposed to date unless they want to marry that person.

Any kind of intimacy is forbidden outside of marriage.MJ took that religion so seriously he almost killed Thriller because the elders complained that it promoted belief in the occult.

LaToya was also a JW and just like MJ refrained from sex until marriage.Both lived with their parents well into their 20s.

 He was not into males as his collection of porn made that obvious to everyone who paid attention to the trial. He only bought hetero adult magazines, only visited hetero adult websites, only had hetero adult DVDs, had nude pictures of Marylin Monroe and Bo Derek, cut out articles about the G-spot....need I say more?

As for "people like me" he meant that Liz Taylor was a child star like him, they understood each other like you and other ordinaries could never understand the kind of life they lived.


As for his nose, he was far from being noseless but he had discoid lupus which affected his nose. Google it and see what that disease can do to your face and then make fun of him.

As for him being white he had vitiligo, another autoimmune disease, and was depigmented like many other black vitiligo patients who lose more than 50% of their pigment.

He  never looked like a woman. Sorry but there is no woman with THAT chin.