Carrie Prejean Has 30 Nude Photos and Eight "Sex" Tapes!!

It seems that every few weeks, a new scandal from bible thumping hypocrite Carrie Prejean comes to the public's attention, and the deposed beauty-queen-turned-professional-victim declares, "That was the biggest mistake of my life" blah blah fucking blah.

But what she really means is "That was the biggest mistake of my life that y'all have found out about so far!"

Because while the anti-gay-marriage babe doesn't hide much in front of certain cameras, she certainly tries to hide the fact that--according to's a total of 30 nude shots and eight sexy tapes in existence! Her filmography is starting to rival Jenna Jameson's!

This may be the first tiara wearer in history whose platform was morality and whose talent was, basically, porn.

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