Sarah Palin To Be Played By A Dildo Puppet!

The press release explains all:

"When Sarah Palin announced she was releasing her memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life, on Nov. 17, she didn't realize she'd be competing to tell her life story with a six-inch, flesh-colored, suction-based dildo.

"But that's exactly what she'll be doing when award-winning satirical filmmaker Damion Dietz's Going Maverick! The Sarah Palin Movie is released on Dec. 15 and woos audiences with its feature-length story of the Alaskan beauty queen who became 'the rogue-iest politician of our time.'

"Going Maverick! The Sarah Palin Movie will star an array of dildo puppets impersonating such notables as President Obama, Senator John McCain, and of course Palin, voiced by American comedian, writer, and radio talk show host Sara Benincasa, whose Sarah Palin 'vlogs' became a viral sensation on YouTube and The Huffington Post last year."

Palin played by a dildo puppet? Is that redundant, wink wink?

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