Michael Alig Speaks!

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The jailed club kid who killed a club kid spills all to Interview magazine: His hopes, his dreams, his failings, his fears...

And he's still mad that in the '80s, I wrote a cover story called "The Death of Downtown"!

Well, we're even because I'm still mad that I had to write "The Death of Angel Melendez."

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Michael Alig as a Good Guy? Are you serious? You must be as sick & twisted a fuck as he is. How many lives did he ruin or end? Everyone likes to downplay Angel as being a drug dealer & somehow inferring that made him undesireable as a person. At least Angel was attempting to pay his own way & for his own useage by providing a service. I find that preferable to being a worthless mooch or using sex to gain drugs. What about Gitsie? It appears that she had been a sweet girl with prospects for a fairly normal & productive life. That is until she met your so called "King" or "Good Guy" and was led down a path of destruction. Michael Alig is a worthless piece of crap that should have received the Chair. I hope that the Melendez family has a very special reception planned for Alig's release. They would be providing a valuable community service by removing this waste of a human from the face of the earth before he ruins anyone elses lives.


@The_ReaperGee. I thought Gitsie was an adult when she met Alig. I had no idea she was some itsy bitsy prim and proper preteen (as u make her sound) completely incapable of making her own adult decesions. As for Angel, that is tragic. Very sad. Wish it hadn't happened. Guess the topic at hand could be very different had Freez not hit Angel in the head to get him off Alig when Angel was in that rage and attacking Alig. Remember that part? Something tells me......NO.



Drugs. No sleep. Volatile relationships. Rage. Drugs....drugs....drugs....Bad bad mix. The whole thing is very unfortunate. Especially what happened to Angel. May he laugh throughout the day and peacefully rest at night.

Curious though. Had Angel killed Alig during the attack, would you feel about Angel as you do about Alig? Something tells me.......NO.