Drag Star Lands in The Real Housewives of Miami

B2BT7100  Elaine 5a copy_4_2_2_2.jpg
Blonde bombshell Elaine Lancaster -- a friend of this column and a close personal pal through the years to stars like Dennis Rodman and many more -- is going to be on The Real Housewives of Miami, as you may have heard.

Well, I know Elaine is real, but I never knew she was a housewife!

So I tracked down James Davis -- I mean Elaine -- and asked about it.

Turns out he's not supposed to talk about the show, but I dug around to my other sources and found out some tidbits:

He will appear as both James and Elaine.

On the show, he is best friends with Lea Black...as in real life. (A reality-show first! A real relationship!)

The show has wrapped and is due on the air in November or December.

And though Elaine is not a housewife at all, she's still a large presence on the series.

The hair alone!

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