Get Out Your Drool Bibs! It's a Guy Madison Montage!

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__Guy Madison.jpg
Forties/Fifties hunk Guy Madison overwhelmingly won my recent poll asking "Who was the hottest old-time movie star?" (and Anne Ramsey didn't even place.)

So the resourceful Gregory Moore has come up with a whole other batch of photos of my Guy, all providing a tantalizing trip down Madison Avenue.

The shot of Guy dancing a frisky Lindy with a fella is second only to the one of him basically cuddling with bedroom-eyed Robert Mitchum.

And at the bottom, there's a bonus -- two photos of Guy's son, Roberto Madison, who's a star in Italy.

Is he as good-looking as dad? I don't know, but he's definitely a better actor, lol.

___Guy Madison1w.jpg

Guy Madison 2232.jpg

Guy Madison lounging.jpg

Guy Madison Cuteness.jpg

Guy Madison showering.jpg

Guy Madison and brother.jpg

Guy Madison Robert Mitchum.jpg

Guy Madison sailor.jpg

Guy Madison Robert Mitchum Cuteness.jpg

Guy Madison robert mitchum2.jpg

Guy Madison32.jpg

Guy Madison dancing with man.jpg

Guy Madison123789.jpg

Guy Madison330j.jpg

Guy Madison979.jpg

Guy Madison009.jpg

Guy Madison28.jpg

Roberto Madison1.jpg

Roberto Madison2.jpg

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