Dear Hollywood: Leave Massachusetts Alone!

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2010 was the worst year in history for the state of Massachusetts--on film anway.

If you live there, you obviously get pink slipped, become a bank robber, get unjustly convicted of something else, and emerge to become a boxer with a fucked-up family.

I am not making this up!

All in 2010, we had The Company Men, about scads of devastating layoffs in Massachusetts;

Conviction, a real-life story in which a guy is thrown in jail for no reason in, yep, Masachusetts;

The Town, about ruthless robberies that go on in Charlestown--you know, Massachusetts;

And The Fighter, dealing with various life-threatening dysfunctions happening in Lowell--and you know where that is.

Anyone ever actually been to Massachusetts?

Funny, I found it a little dullish.

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Amazing how it can be such a completely, utterly, mind numbingly dull and simultaneously hostile place at the exact same time. Like the cackling idiot sitting in the cube next to me all day.


Dull can't begin to describe it--especially Boston!!