I Dished Bloomberg and Snooki on Lawrence O'Donnell's Show

During last week's blizzard, I was kooky-crazy enough to take my life in my hands and ride my freakin' bike!

And I found it a kind of wet and wild adventure, almost like surfboarding (but with rats instead of sharks around me).

But the next day, when I took my bike out, all the snow had settled and gotten icy--there was more white than at a Klan rally--and there had been precious little response in the way of clearing it away despite all the hype.

This was no fun for a biker--or even for a sensible person.

So last night I went on MSNBC's The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell to dry off and moan about it.

I said only celebs liked the blizzard, not normal folks. ("Ricky Martin was like, "Ten inches! I love it!")

We also discussed the New Year's Eve debacle of the immortal icon Snooki being denied admission to a Times Square ball!

Wait till you see what I said about huh.

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Hilarious! Good job. The Ricky Martin quip is priceless and the stuff about Bloomberg a riot.