Pop Tarts World Shutters Amidst A Mess of Spin Control

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Way back in September, I wrote a blog post called "Is Pop Tarts World Toast?" saying that the Pop Tarts retail store/cafe on West 42nd street was uninspired and about as empty as my wallet is after a trip to the much better Hershey store.

Well, it's toast.

I just passed the place--where Pop Tarts T-shirts, strangely enough, were the main attraction--and it was totally kaput.

But you haven't heard so much bullshit spin control since Sarah Palin stepped down as Governor.

On the door is a sign saying the store was "the talk of the country."

What country--Guam?

It also informs you that the place's five-month run was a smash.

"Created initially as a test," we're told, "the success of Pop Tarts World will assist Kellogg in its ongoing efforts to bring brands to life and strengthen bonds with consumers."

Honey, these tarts are as over as the ones currently in rehab.

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I wanted to check it out when I was in the city 2 weeks ago, but I couldn't remember where it was. I asked someone and they looked at me like I was insane. Another weird thing I'll never get to see.


I love pop tarts. Always have (and that's a long time). But the store was a bad idea. Another wacko marketing idea that got financed.

F. Packer
F. Packer

Is that a photo of two Pop Tarts fucking doggy-style?


I passed by when it was open and it looked sad. But it was off the main strip.