Off the Map Star Is Off the Hook


I just interviewed Valerie Cruz, one of the stars of Off the Map, which is basically Grey's Anatomy with mosquitoes.

Here's some more of what Val -- who plays Doctor "Zee" Alvarez -- told me.

Me: You were the staff psychologist on Nip/Tuck. Are you getting typed?

Cruz: I feel the opposite. I've played a cop, a vampire, a housewife, and now I'm a doctor. Actually, this is first time I've played a doctor-doctor. I wish there was more of a type for me. "We have to get her for this job."

Me: Is there anything you'd like your Off the Map character to do that she hasn't?

Cruz: She's usually holding the clinic down while the boys have crazy adventures. Maybe she should have a girl adventure.

Me: Contact me if you need some ideas for that. Is she a jack of all trades kind of doctor?

Cruz: Yes, but she definitely has her interests in botanical medicine and jungle type medicine. She has her garden.

Me: Any weed in there?

Cruz: There might be. Not in the episodes so far. [Laughs.]

Me: How do you deal with all the bugs on the set? A baseball bat?

Cruz: There's something called Bite Away. It stops the bite from getting really, really big. If it swells, you use makeup -- and don't scratch.

Me: On a more pleasant note: I notice quite a bit of shirtlessness on the show.

Cruz: Martin Henderson is shirtless a lot. They're all in states of undress! [Laughs.]

Me: But you're engaged, right?

Cruz: I am. Jason George [her TV lover] is married, too, so it's kind of perfect. How lucky I am to love both my husbands!

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Loved her on Nip/Tuck and wishing her good stuff in the future. Off the Map will surely not stay on the map for long.


The shirtlessness you mention is about the only reason to watch the show.