'Night of 1,000 Gowns' Was Blindingly Bodacious

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As part of the coronation procession for the Imperial Court of NY's Night of 1000 Gowns -- along with Christian Freedom (above), who styled me in the red and the black -- I got to see all the queens up close.

Anne T. Venom.

Bobbie Pinzs.

Wanda Lust.

Vin D. Cation.

Rocky Mountains.

And, of course, the sexy Juan Knightstand.

But mainly I spent the night gawking at the new emperor and empress, Vanity Society and Pepperica Swirl in all their fancy finery.

Those two (pictured below) brought the whole thing to a loony, zingy, spooky, culty, high-art level full of spikes and horns and swatches and textures and veils.

The result was very Where The Wild Things Are meets Mary Poppins, and they looked so brilliant I don't even care what their real names are.

Or even what their titles mean!

Long may they rain sequins and spangles!

Photos by Linda Simpson (Lindasimpson.org)



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Emperor XX, Vanity Society
Emperor XX, Vanity Society

Thank you Michael "VERY MUCH!" It was a great pleasure to have you and Christian in our coronation procession. I adore this blog and...you!

Randy Jones
Randy Jones

Mikey...you are DAZZLING in Black and Red...it should be your signature!I'm here till Friday...xoxoxo

Witti Repartee
Witti Repartee

It was fabulous having you in the walk! Thank you for the post!


You all look fabulous! (Even Candis Cayne in the portrait behind you.)


Thanks, Paul. I can't believe I admitted the Maxi pads thing on national tv, lol!


This has nothing to do with this post, but loved you on the Joy Behar show. And just what kind of apps do you have for that Maxi-Pad?