James Franco As John "Junior" Gotti?

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It could happen, even though John"Junior" Gotti himself doesn't know anything about Franco!

According to the New York Post, a movie is being readied for 2013, with John Travolta as Gotti Sr., and director Nick Cassavetes apparently wants Franco for the offspring.

(Well, after hosting the Oscars, some light mafioso action would be an absolute breeze.)

And how does Junior feel about this?

"To be honest, I'm not familliar with James Franco or his work," admitted Junior, who's now officially an ex gangster, by the way.

Well, just in case Mr. Junior Gotti is still dabbling in papa's business, haha, let me say here that he seems perfectly delightful in his lack of cultural awareness, not to mention his extreme honesty about his lack of cultural awareness.

I find his response here to be exceedingly charming and upfront and admirable and...Don't kill me!!!

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I have a feeling it's John Travolta who wants Franco as Junior, not Cassavetes. But really, could there be any less of a similarity between Franco and Gotti except for the fact their last names end in vowels?


At least Franco would be playing somebody straight for a change. He's stretching!


Victoria Gotti MUST be played by Donatella Versace.