Geri Jewell Wore a Cock Ring

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Geri Jewell is the stand-up comedian with cerebral palsey who went on to fame on The Facts of Life (as Cousin Geri) and more recently on Deadwood.

Well, I've gotten my paws on her memoirs, I'm Walking as Straight as I Can, and in it, Geri remembers wearing a leather cock ring as a bracelet in the wacky '80s.

She says she didn't know what the thing was, she simply thought it was "cool and funky" without realizing it may have read "hot and dykey."

I always knew what it was, but I wore it anyway!

Also in the book...

Geri talks about becoming friends with another disabled comic, Kathy Buckley.

As Geri explains, "Not only was Kathy hearing-impaired, but like me, she was molested as a child and grew up facing ridicule and humiliation. She overcame colon cancer and was run over by a Jeep while sunbathing."

Can't wait to read her book.

Two more things: Geri says she's gay but tried being straight with a husband. No good -- it's back to the hot and dykey.

And the foreword is by Patty Duke, who compares Geri's cerebral palsy with her own bi-polarity.

Well, I read her book and it was amazing.

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