John Larroquette: 'Directors Suck!'

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The Emmy-winning actor made that startling pronouncement at a stimulating Drama Desk luncheon at Sardi's the other day about TV/movie actors currently on Broadway, hosted by reporter Robin Milling.

John was talking particularly about movie directors.

He remembered his experience in the Twilight Zone movie, during the filming of which actor Vic Morrow's head was accidentally cut off in a tragic turn of events.

"I was supposed to fly in the helicopter that day," recalled Larroquette, "but my car was stolen and I couldn't get to the set."

Thank God for carjackers!

"And I almost cut my nose while filming Stripes," he added.

"Directors are often cavalier," he concluded. "They don't care. They just want the shot."

And then they usually want the Oscar.

Larroquette had some harsh words about writers too.

"You improvise on TV," he said, "because the writing usually sucks."

Ouch. I represent that!

The actor -- currently on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying -- did have nice words for the box office appeal of that show's star, Daniel Radcliffe.

He said Radcliffe is attracting lots of people who normally don't see shows, namely "15-year-old girls who are semi-wet."


"It's been raining!" he explained.

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Southern Dave
Southern Dave

When it comes to this guy, "My leeps are seals," as Carmen Miranda said.

But thank you, Jonster, for a whiff of reality.

Actors! Egos!


"I almost cut my nose while filming Stripes."

Poor baby. I guess now we know why such a talented actor hasn't worked much over the years. I doubt he won five Emmys by ad-libbing lines and directing himself.


Larroquette is one of the greats. A really charming guy and terrific actor who admits to insecurities.


No 15 year old BOYS who are semi wet??


They might be semi erect. Oh, yeah, 15 year old boys are always (at least) semi erect!