Malcolm X Had Gay Sex! He Joins a Historic Club!

Categories: Activism

A new book about Malcolm X says the controversial civil rights leader had an early homosexual relationship with a white businessman, according to The New York Times.

And he's not alone! Anyone with a Kindle will learn of a whole bevy of historical figures who turn out to have been "that way"!

A recent book about Indian peace (and weight loss) advocate Mahatma Gandhi suggested that he dabbled in the homosex as well.

And of course Larry Kramer published a book last year offering what he says is proof that Honest Abe Lincoln not only freed the slaves, but he freed his body parts for various same-sex activities.

Plus Geri Jewell (Facts of Life) came out as a lesbian, ba-dum-pum.

Is there anyone in history who was straight?

Is Mount Rushmore basically a quartet of fabulous queers?

And hasn't it become a truism that if you're an important world leader, you're also a versatile bottom?

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