The Today Show's Hoda Kotb Is In Love

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At yesterday's Friars Club event, Kathie Lee Gifford said, "Hoda's so in love now, and I'm happy for her.

"But duh. It's gonna spoil everything!"

She meant their mildly whiny dynamic on the show.

Anyway, Hoda explained how it all happened, which is beyond a fairy tale, even for a TV star.

She was appearing at a book signing where two young women had put a note inside a book they handed Hoda to sign.

It said: "You should date our father."

So she did!

The gals had done their homework, checking out Today a lot and realizing that their dad had tons in common with Hoda and they'd be a perfect match.

And they are!

Best of all, the guy turns out to be a lawyer, which prompted Kathie Lee to chirp, "A man with a job! Better than the last one, ba-dum-pum."

As for Kathie Lee's own man, Frank Gifford, she remembered the Today producer coming over to their place to talk to her about the new job.

Said Kathie Lee, "Frank made sure he wasn't going to make a move on me and then he went to the other room, because that's the way he is."

Shouldn't she be the one checking on him?

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Judi short
Judi short

Hi, you have a wonderful show. I watch it all the time. Wonder why you never show fashions for us older people like me I just turned 70. Just because we are not out working we would like to know what is approriate for us to wear .Glad to see Hoda is so happy hope it works well for you.Thanks, Judi


KLG only talks about Hoda to make snarky remarks. Does she ever shut up???


How Hoda got her groove back. Good for her. It's about time someone took her off the market.


From that photo, looks like Hoda's in love with Kathie Lee.


PS: Liza was in the audience! After some talk about how they always seem to be drinking on the show, Kathie Lee said how much fun it was to have Liza on as a guest, and the star stood up and exclaimed "I didn't have a drink!"