Is Porn Better With a Plot Or Not?

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There are two kinds of porn lovers -- avid ones and liars.

And there are two kinds of porn movies -- ones with elaborate plots and tons of dialogue and ones where they just open the door and get it on.

I picked up a bunch of both types at the birthday party for Gawker's Brian Moylan the other night at Luca Lounge.

You see, Gawker is sisters with Fleshbot, so review copies were for there for the taking, along with cupcakes and a guy from San Francisco.

Anyway, after much consideration, I'd have to say I prefer the ones with plots, as long as they don't overwhelm the action and strain to be Orson Welles-ian in scope.

There's something sexy about a setup -- some actual context -- so the sex comes out of a situation rather than just out of the blue.

There's just one problem:

Most porn actors can barely talk!

Maybe they should aim for Chaplinesque?

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