I've Been Raptured To The Heavens

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Yes, I was one of the lucky 2 percent of the population who, last night at 6 Eastern Standard Time, got magically swept up to a de-luxe apartment in the sky-aye-aye.

And luckily they have Internet service up here, so I can keep on blogging away for you poor, earthbound folks.

In fact, the service is even better than it was in Murray Hill!

There's only one problem.

The people up here are really horrible!

Already, I've run into such illustrious creepazoids as Hitler, Bin Laden, and Ronald Reagan!

Hey, wait a minute.

Maybe I wasn't raptured upward after all.


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Southern Dave
Southern Dave

"Pack up your sins and go to the Devil in Hades,You'll meet the finest of gentlemen and the finest of ladies ..."

My brothers get mad when I refer to our late Dad as "Our Father, Who Art Not in Heaven."

Do you know the story about Noel Coward visiting his friend Clifton Webb, who was wailing because his mother Maybelle, who was nearly 100, had passed on?

Coward said to the maid, who was serving breakfast, "Well, I guess Mother Maybelle is singing with the Heavenly Choir now."

And the maid whispered, "Oh, no, Mr. Coward, where she went the music's HOT!

Lost Weekend
Lost Weekend

 Wait till Dick Cheney arrives!  Then the fun really begins.


Tap your heels together three times and repeat, "There's no place like Murray Hill...There's no place like Murray Hill...There's no place like Murray Hill.


 HAHAHA! That was good.


 Do you have a co-op or a condo down--I mean up--there?