Japanese Burgers Come To The East Village!

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And they're mine, all mine!

Have you ever seen me looking so happy since I posed with Loni Anderson?

It's just that my face looks really at peace when flanked by a tray of goodies at the new Bento Burger (101 East 2nd Street), Miguel Calvo's Japanesey hangout adjacent to Lucky Cheng's.

At the cozy futuro-burger joint, the booths are awash in Blade Runner-esque imagery and, more importantly, they're filled with yummy foodstuffs for your East Village tummy.

The above heap of edibles consisted of a sirloin burger on a sesame bun, aioli, Asian coleslaw, Japanese pickles, and some Terra root chips.

As I chowed down like God-zirra, I was a holy terra, all right.

Me and Miguel Calvo

Miguel Calvo

And get a load of the desserts -- a smattering of spicy muffins and a big old bowl of cream.

I'm turning Japanese just thinking about it.

Photos by Cathay Che.

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Jemell Simpson
Jemell Simpson

 hey nice pics of my desserts i was the pastry chef when you guys came into bento to eat,i'm not there anymore but glad you liked my sweets


Japanese pickles? I've never heard of such a thing.


Michael - you're suppose to be looking at what's being put into your mouth, not the camera. 


Well then, you haven't lived, or eaten the things Michael does.