More Half-Naked Hollywood Hotties

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Fernando Lamas09ki-1.jpg

You loved the last batch, so here are more bathing-suited matinee idols from the old days, courtesy of Hollywood historian Gregory Moore.

Above is the delectable Fernando Lamas, looking ready for a big splash.

And below you'll find such hubba-hubba heartthrobs as:

John Gavin, George Brent, Gary Cooper, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Alan Ladd, Buster Crabbe, Burt Lancaster, and Monty Clift.

As you salivate, please try to figure:

Who's got the best package?

And who are the straights in here? If any.

John Gavin.jpg

George Brentsd0f.jpg

Gary Cooper hubba2.jpg

Douglas Fairbanks Jr1-1.jpg

Alan Ladd00sd.jpg

Buster Crabbe09d9k.jpg

Burt Lancasterxc09.jpg

Montgomery Clift22kk3jk.jpg

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