'Night Of 1000 Judys' Is Tonight! They'll Sing 'Em All!

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No, not Judi Dench.

Anyway, tonight's attractions:

Jackie Hoffman will sing "Swanee."

Tony winner Daisy Eagan will do "The Trolley Song."

Emily Bergl (Desperate Housewives) will croon "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart"

And there will be more. They'll sing 'em all and they'll stay all night.

And now, the backstory:

"The variety show The Meeting, hosted by Justin Sayre -- which is the monthly gathering of the I.O.S. (International Order of Sodomites), modeled after The Mattachine Society and other groups for gentlemen of a certain persuasion -- will honor Judy Garland tonight at 7:00 PM at Joe's Pub.

"The show is a benefit for the Ali Forney Center, an organization dedicated to homeless LGBT youth."

Wear your ruby slippers, but don't keep clicking them during the show. Annoying.

Happy pride. Happy Stonewall anniversary (almost). Happy Judy.


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is a certain Ms. Minnelli going to be there?

Ben Rimalower
Ben Rimalower

Michael, I'm the director of Night of A Thousand Judys, and in case it encourages you or anyone to attend what I believe is going to be an amazing show, I can tell you we've cut Lorna's counter melody.


Judy Canova?


ding dang y'all! lmfao


PS: Last night, at the O&M Tony after-party, Jackie Hoffman told me she got a message saying that for the "Over The Rainbow" finale, she should be sure to sing Lorna's counter melody, not Judy's main melody. "After all," said the message, "we are all children of Judy."

I thought we were friends of Dorothy!