Porn Star To Playgirl: I'm Not Fat! Use Me!

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Jeff Stryker is one of the all-time great gay porn stars, but that doesn't always help you cross over into things like nude spreads in Playgirl.

In this heartfelt letter I've somehow gotten ahold of, Jeff (a/k/a Charles Peyton) tells Playgirl's Daniel Nardicio why he's a viable candidate despite the objections.

I say give him the spread!

"Hello Daniel,

"After a couple of months, Larry got me the message thru Rick that 'you thought I was fat from seeing recent pictures'. What recent pictures, I asked Rick?, I haven't allowed myself to be photographed for years. So I ran upstairs, put the camera timer on and posed with my dog. Just to establish, sure I wasn't tan, I hadn't been working out, but I sure as hell wasn't fat ;-)

"The word then from Larry was 'they want you to come and do a test shoot'. I thought that strange because I can have that arranged and done here, and I told them I could do that. I have shot 34 movie titles that I own, produced, directed and distributed worldwide, shot hundreds of layouts in years past, etc. So, after a few months of delay and hearing nothing from Larry (or Rick regarding Larry), I thought I'd go ahead and set up a shoot ...

"Then Larry said Playgirl isn't interested because Jeff has been in gay porn and that wasnt the image Playgirl wanted. Without even seeing the pictures or hearing the angle of the story! Hhhmmmm, I thought, Hustler was also very homophobic but I not only had been in their magazine layouts 3 times ... but I had also sold them 2 layouts of myself and Jamie Summers and one of myself and Flame (porn girl) after they had told me they don't buy layouts.

"I told Rick, ok, they don't want it but I have spent 3 grand already anyway shooting test shots for them to see and I think they story angle is great, why not send it to Daniel anyway ...

"He agreed, wrote a very business like email and sent it to you. I saw it and about shit ... I said personal email.

"So here is the story, I pulled my titles off the shelves and stopped selling to distributors worldwide about 5 years ago to distance myself from Porn and capitalize more off being a Celebrity. I did Elton John Lifeball in Vienna, had Bruce Vilanch write me a stage show 'A Sophisticated Evening with Jeff Stryker' and played it to sold out mixed audiences in a couple of cities for 6 weeks a city. Also while I did that I got married to a beautiful attorney here in Los Angeles, had my 2nd and 3rd son with her and I bought Ford when it was a dollar a share.

"I made millions in stocks soon to follow, bought a mansion in Shadow Hills California (horse country, how ironic) and proceeded to build it while I bought real estate across America ... The best selling movies in the history of adult movies are Powertool (gay) and Vivid's Jamie Loves Jeff (straight). What they have in common is 'I' starred in them both. Along with that, the Jeff Stryker Realistic is also worldwide known and the best selling item of its kind in the history of humanity. They say it has been in more orfices then any other item in humanity ...

"I was inducted into the Hollywood wax museum with Paris Hilton as icons and my name and image will be there for ever. I am in the walk of fame in front of the Hustler of Hollywood Store on Sunset Blvd. I could spend page after page listing the credits of mainstream stuff I have done, of best selling items, of most highly viewed episodes of major channels, etc. I am hoping you will decide to break they stereotype, show America Playgirl is all about news and hot men.

"Being almost 49 years old is not a bad thing when you look like I do, in fact the majority of the world is over 40 so they will appreciate it. The recent success of Vanity Fair with Rob Lowe 1/2 naked on the cover has shown them and Mens Health that a hot male celebrity sells issues, increases subscription rates, and makes the magazine stand out over all others.

"What makes Jeff Stryker so special? The fact he is the only male superstar in adult features and a total recluse who is in more demand today some 28 years later, then he was when he was active in adult features. The Gay phobia, break it, married to gorgeous female attorney for years now, with 2 kids at home and one that is 21 years old. People always wondered, is Jeff Gay straight or Buy, the answer. It depends on what movie your watching ;-)

"So before you totally rule me out, check me out ... I have turned down to this point from Phil to Oprah to Jay Leno. There was nothing that I believed in enough to promote selling, I have never done television to promote porn, never needed to.

"I appreciate your consideration on this matter and who knows, I have seen stranger things happen.

"Jeff Stryker"

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