Ex Porn Star Sings Boozy Alan Cumming Song

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Tom Judson was a singer-songwriter. Then he appeared in Chicago on Broadway. Then he was gay porn star Gus Mattox. Now he's a singer-songwriter again.

And whatever he is, he's as talented as his good looks are chiseled.

Opening the HOT! Festival at Dixon Place the other night, Judson accompanied himself on piano, ukulele, and (after changing from a white tuxedo jacket to nothing but his underwear, for his porn fans) an accordion.

He sang liltingly, including a song with lyrics by Alan Cumming, written as a message for Cumming's husband:

"I once said, 'I'm not an alcoholic. There's just always something to be celebrated.'

"Well, true to form, I'm pretty woozy this morning, 'cause last night I was inebriated.

"You're next to me, so I must have made it home last night.

"It can't have been too mortifying, though I do remember trying a handstand against a mirrored wall."

Hey, maybe that song is what got gay marriage approved in this state!

Judson also talked about his porn days and admitted, "My hole is greater than some of my parts."

He's charming and funny and headed to P-town.

But when he comes back, let's get this man a show at the Carlyle or the Algonquin. I'm serious.

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